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Here on FCFT I just heard the clearest propositional explanation of why the Law and the Sabbath with it were declared obsolete by Paul in Hebrews. You do not hear this kind of clarity anywhere! The bulk of disciples are as confused about this issue as termites living in a wooden yo-yo!

What our church fathers handed us was a scrambled egg breakfast of Moses and Jesus that contains the remains of both with no hope of separating the two to make them discrete. What we practice is neither fish nor foul that cannot fly but is forced to swim. What nobody realizes is that this chimera "another gospel" (Ga. 1:8) pattern church was Jesus' half-brother James (all zealous for the Law, Acts 21) concocted in 45 after he hijacked the church in 45. Unfortunately, that curse Paul told us about in Ga. 3:10 is a New Testament verse. That means it applies to all of us and explains our blindness to spiritual things. It is time to get clear on the difference between the two covenants as FCFT is explaining here so that we can, by the truth, break this curse and be set free indeed.

The mechanics for separating the two Covenants we learn from this article is what is missing. We find it by reading 1 Cor. 14 real slow. What Jesus is explaining is that His New Covenant paradigm featuring the Holy Spirit as an actually participating partner and guide in the church would take us from the pedestrian knowledge of good and evil - using the Law as a guide into the celestial practical fusion with Jesus whereby we would intimately all know Him and thereby be able to respond to the moment in the passion of Agape.

It is John 14 where we learn that the practical New Covenant function is predicated entirely upon the church receiving the person and practice of "the Promise of the

Father;" the Holy Spirit of truth!

Now in 45, James, the new pastor of the Jewish church has just pushed Pastor Peter overboard. James has been an apostate for four years, and because he is he is uncomfortable when the Holy Spirit shows up. James no longer teaches about the Holy Spirit, can't lay hands to impart it and he ignores prophesy and the other gifts. Unfortunately It was his pattern church we all followed explaining why church has been so predictable boring and irrelevant ever since!

This is a thumbnail sketch of the book I will begin to release on substack this week entitled "Exposing James, the Bad Apostle." I will begin with a prophetic prequel entitled "The Hatch of the Magicada." to proclaim the message of the 17 year locust.

Thank you for your consideration and FCFT for providing the foundation of truth.


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