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5 Minutes of Faith #08

5 Minutes of Faith #08

How to go from Bible reading to Bible study

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In this episode, Hiram gives some tips to move from Bible reading to Bible study. The difference is subtle at times but can yield valuable results.

Principles Shared:

  • Pick a book and read it repeatedly (even in multiple translations).

  • Have a notebook/notes app and write down key words/themes/ideas as well as questions and cross-references.

  • Ask some good questions:

    • Why did God say this?

    • Why is this taking place?

    • What covenant is this in?

    • What genre is this?

    • How does this connect to the section/book as a whole?

    • What does this tell me about God?

    • What does this tell me about myself?

    • What do I need to start doing based on this passage?

    • What do I need to repent of?

    • What should I praise God for based on this Scripture?

    • What does this teach me about Jesus?

    • What themes from this Scripture repeat in the entirety of the Bible?

  • Studying is primarily about pausing and pondering, not necessarily searching resources and straining for a meaning.

  • Remember that Scripture can interpret Scripture better than any human being can.

  • Remember that you don’t need to be trained formally to be a Bible student!

  • Boiling it down:

    • Use your Bible

    • A spirit of repetition

    • The right questions

    • An observant heart

    • A willingness to obey

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